I was admitted Early Decision. Is it okay if I change my academic schedule this spring?

Yes, but we expect you will continue to challenge yourself and be successful. We do have a post-acceptance review at the end of the year to check on this. We want future Dartmouth students to continue to grow intellectually, academically, and personally during the senior year. We also want you to enjoy your final year of high school.

If changing your course load is going to allow you to really engage your academic and extracurricular interests more significantly over the remainder of your senior year, we see no harm in doing so. Your schedule should not be determined by what we want, it should be determined by what you find challenging and meaningful. We follow the advice of your secondary school counselor for determining a reasonable schedule for you to proceed with for the remainder of your senior year.


Ben said...

We've also been getting questions from regular decision applicants too about what happens in they want to change their schedule for spring term. The answer is the same as above. Admission to Dartmouth shouldn't suddenly change your academic interests, performance or the like--challenge yourself in meaningful and personal ways because you want to. Take the classes that you and your counselor feel are appropriate for your interests and abilities.

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