What last-minute financial aid advice do you have?

Please note the sound may have issues for the first few minutes of the video. I apologize for the technical problems.

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Key Pieces of Advice:
  • CSS & FAFSA are due February 1 for regular decision applicants. Please get these forms in as close to the deadline as possible.
  • We are NEED-BLIND for all applicants, which means the decision to admit you to Dartmouth is not based on the ability to afford Dartmouth. Don't confuse this with Dartmouth's NEED-BASED Financial Aid policy, which means we only offer need-based financial aid and NO merit-based aid.
  • We do guarantee to meet 100% of a family's demonstrated financial need.
  • If you do not have full financial information available for 2009, please estimate for the most recent year and submit final documents when requested.
  • For International financial aid applicants we prefer official income statements over tax-returns.


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