Do I have to take four years of a language to be admitted to Dartmouth?

Dartmouth does not have any set academic requirements. While we do not require students to take four years of a language (or four years of science, or four years of English, etc.), we certainly look to see that a student IS taking a challenging and appropriate curriculum to succeed at Dartmouth.
When we receive your application, we review your high school profile very carefully to understand what curriculum is offered at your particular high school. We hope that you are choosing courses based on your academic interests. If you have a scheduling conflict and you cannot take Spanish 4 since it occurs at the same time as Honors European History, it is okay! Just make sure that you are challenging yourself to your potential...with courses that prepare you for a liberal arts college experience.


Paul said...

I completely agree with Becky. It is critical that a student make the most of his/her curricular opportunities, but if a student is not able to take four years of language because of conflicts with other demanding coursework options this will not be counted "against" him/her. If you are concerned by how we'll interpret your transcript, be sure to include a quick explanation (1 or 2 sentences) of your choices in the Additional Information section of the Common App.

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