Who reads my application when I apply for admission?

We do! The Admissions Committee includes 13 Admissions Officers and a small number of experienced additional application readers.

The additional application readers include people who serve in other roles at the College, former full-time Dartmouth Admissions Officers, former Admissions Officers from other colleges who now live near Dartmouth and know the selection process and the College well, and other educators who have worked as teachers, deans, high school counselors and who understand Dartmouth's values.

Dartmouth does not "assign" a specific Admissions Officer or application reader to read all of the applications from one high school, city, state or region. Particular admissions officers may be more familiar with certain areas of the world and as a result may serve as a resource for other application readers, answering questions and perhaps reviewing cases from a specific school or a given area. Most applications are reviewed several times, by multiple application reviewers.


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