Can I eat in a dining hall during my visit?

Yes, please do! My suggestion is don't eat at just one. Dartmouth offers terrific dining options and I think it makes sense for visitors to get a sense of what's available while they're here. You can learn more about dining at Dartmouth here.


Sarah said...

If you plan to eat in one of our dining halls, please keep in mind that they don't accept debit or credit cards!

Dan said...

A few suggestions....
Food Court (in Thayer dining hall) has a huge range of choices at dinner and lunch (from the grill, to entrees, to salads, to pizza, etc.)

Collis makes excellent baked goods, if you're looking for a mid-morning snack (they have a lot of other things as well). You can sit on the Collis Porch and people watch while you eat.

Stop by the Hop Cafe (in the Hopkins Center) for good fries (they have a lot of other great things too).

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