Can I use Score Choice for the SAT I?

Yes- Dartmouth permits the use of Score Choice. However, we encourage students to send us ALL of their scores.

Sending all scores is advantageous for many students because we will take the highest composite scores between exam sittings. For example, of a student's highest scores on the SAT math, critical reading and writing sections are spread out between multiple sittings, we will officially record the composite of those scores. However, if this particular student only sends in one sitting of the exam, we will not be able to composite score.

In some cases, we may also look at the SAT I exam in terms of a student's improvement over time. Don't worry if your score from your freshman or sophomore year is lower than your most recent score- this is to be expected! Seeing a higher score on a more recent sitting of the exam only tells us that you have grown since the last time you sat for the SAT. Keep in mind that if we only have one score on file, we will not have a basis for comparison.

Our full policy with regard to testing and details on when to request scores from the College Board can be found here.


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