Can the CSS Profile be replaced by the Foreign Student Financial Aid Profile?

If you are able to submit the CSS Profile then that is the form you are required to submit. We are well aware that in some circumstances and in some countries the CSS Profile is not possible.

We are using the College Scholarship Service PROFILE Form to collect accurate, consistent information and to minimize the possibility for data entry errors.

If the cost associated with the PROFILE Form is going to present a significant financial burden for your family, you may request permission to use an alternative form. Please send an email to Financial.Aid@Dartmouth.EDU that provides the following information:

  • Your country of residency
  • The number of family members who live in your parents' household
  • Your family's total 2009 income from all sources in US dollars
  • The equity (value minus debt) of your family's assets in US dollars
  • The exchange rate that you used to convert your currency to US dollars

We will review the information and respond to you by email.

Please visit the Financial Aid International Applicant web page for more information.


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