Can I and should I submit additional letters of recommendation, beyond the required 2 teacher recs, peer eval, and counselor rec?

Can you? Yes. Should you? Depends.

You may submit additional recommendations and we will consider them as we review your file. However, additional recommendations should be submitted only if they will add new and relevant information to our understanding of you.

If you are considering submitting additional recommendations, they should only come from individuals who know you in different and meaningful ways from your other recommendation-writers. There is a difference between a helpful recommendation and a positive recommendation. Essentially every recommendation we receive is positive; however, often times extra recs may not be helpful because they only reiterate points we already know.


Rocky Raccoon said...

How can I submit an additional reference letter if I apply online? Shoud the person who writes the additional reference contact you by e-mail?

Ben said...

The ideal way to submit an additional reference letter is to have the person writing it complete a Teacher Evaluation sheet so we have basic info about your reference, and then s/he can attach her/his letter. These materials can be scanned as a PDF and sent to, faxed to 603 646-1216, or mailed to the Admissions Office. Please be sure the applicant's identifying info--legal name and birthday or address--are at the top of the submitted materials.

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