What if I don't get contacted for an interview?

Don't worry about it.

Our wonderful volunteer alumni interviews do their very best to interview every candidate possible, but given the volume of applications, they are simply unable to interview every applicant. About half of our applicants get interviewed. If you are not contacted about an interview, all it means is that the alumni in your community could not get to you.

The interview is optional and provides for one more way for the admissions committee to get to know you. The interview is also a great time for you to learn more about the College from Dartmouth alumni. There is no reason to stress about the interview or worry that you weren't contacted for one.

There is no way to request an interview. All the applicant needs to do is submit her/his application materials to Dartmouth Admissions and we will pass along the contact information to alumni in the applicant's area.

Please do not call the Admissions Office to request an interview. Also, we do not offer on-campus interviews.


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