How do you read applications from Home-Schooled students?

We read every application in the context of each applicant's community and opportunities. Just as every community, high school, and family is unique, we recognize that the opportunities for each home-schooled student is unique. Dartmouth receives a number of applications from home-schooled students each year, so there is no need to worry that we are not accustomed to home-schooled applicants.

As with every applicant, please just make sure your application represents the academic and extracurricular opportunities available to you and what you did with those opportunities. Home-schooled students need to submit the home-school supplement, which helps us understand the context of the academic and extracurricular opportunities available. If you are enrolled in a home-schooling consortium, online courses, or other academic programs, you should submit all course results from these programs to help us confirm your academic strengths.

Home-school applicants should complete the rest of the application just like other first-year applicants, including testing. Visit our FAQ for more insight.


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